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GameGuru V1.133 Released

What began as a simple update with a few well-meaning fixes has turned into something much more substantial with a range of core improvements to GameGuru, a full change log can be found in the official GameGuru forum thread announcing this update.

V1.132 and Expansion Pack Released

Hi Fellow Game Makers,

Today we are very pleased to announce the launch of V1.132 update and most significantly, the new Expansion Pack DLC which contains over 2.8 GB of game making assets for you to enjoy. This DLC is completely free to GameGuru users and you can download it any time you like, bringing your tally of stock media to over 6000 megabytes of content.

GameGuru EBE Goes To Beta

It's been a longer road than I had planned or hoped, but I am now ready to release the EBE in a small way to our internal beta testing group who kindly offer a few hours of their time every now and again to hammer GameGuru builds to ensure they are ready for the public.  They are under a gentle NDA for the most part, but I am happy for them to share what they think of the EBE system in the forums over the next two weeks (when I will be on holiday flush the microchips out of my head and finding new ways to recharge my old brain battery).

GameGuru V1.14 EBE Progress

As a quick update on the development of the Easy Building Editor, I can report things are going very well and I am starting to get more familiar with the way this new editor module works, and I am looking forward to starting the beta process very soon.  I will not bore you with the many minor steps through what's been coded, but I can show how the EBE entity is treated much like a regular entity, so you can use the TAB clip to chop the roof off for interior editing while using the shape painting tool.  As you can see I got carried away with my quick test to add better stairs that the ones I created in my last Twitch Broadcast, created interior and exterior walls and a little hatch in the wooden room in the back (for no reason but to cut a hole in the wall).

GameGuru V1.14 Progress Report

After the extra work created for V1.131 and the subsequent delayed release, we have charged into the V1.14 work in earnest to make sure we get closer to our desired internal release date as possible.  I will keep this date dark so (a) you are not disappointed should we miss it, and (b) that we give ourselves the freedom to do more testing before we release to the public.  We already have a handful of post V1.131 tweaks coded, but the major news is the progress of the Easy Building Editor module which has been a joy to work on.  Now whatever I create will be subject to controversy, simply due to the number of ways the design could have gone, and that I am going up against the world of 3D modellers which have had two decades and a large team of coders to perfect. I have my, myself and a few weeks, in amongst my other duties of dev blog writer, twitch broadcaster, Steam and forum post replies, email responder, support mail replies and of course the regular duties of CEO and general project overlord.

Not that I am making excuses for my decisions, just putting this endeavour into context for you, and hopefully reduce the onslaught of abuse I am due on the release of a much anticipated EBE and the V1.14 monster update.  The first decision was to make it easy for me to optimize the collision and rendering of the final building/structure and for that I needed blocks, lots of blocks.  I also felt it was important to pay homage to the old segment editor from classic which was heralded as a very easy way to make rooms and corridors, but leave the door open for more ambitious creations.  Before I dive into the particulars, here is a quick shot of a building that took me no more than 25 seconds to create from scratch with the current EBE:

GameGuru V1.131 Released

It was meant to be a small tweak release, it turned into a monster. We have just released V1.131 which contains new features, fixes and tweaks to keep your game making universe alive and kicking, with a little something for everyone.  Below is a full list of changes from the log.

GameGuru V1.131 Report

It's been a busy time here at TGC HQ with a flurry of new releases, and to keep those new products in the headlines we paused the dev blog series. Not normally an issue, but with the launch of our Raspberry Pi and HTML5 versions of AGK, new books and bundles we wanted everyone to see these amazing additions before being swallowed up by daily blasts of my dev blog rants. In order to create a compromise then, we've decided to make the dev blogs weekly, cherry picking the most exciting and revealing items of the week to share.

Even though the dev blog stopped, the development did not, and after the release of V1.13 we spring-boarded into the task of fixing smaller issues that had surfaced during the previous few months before starting on the major update which would release the Easy Building Editor into the world.  This minor update actually turned out to be a huge undertaking as small fixes turned into larger feature requests from the community, and the nature of the time required to add them meant we could add many requests in quite quickly, but this also means more testing time which is why the planned release has been delayed. Fortunately, we did not build up your hopes on a release date so no harm no foul.

GameGuru Unlimited Bundle: NEW to Steam!

We are pleased to announce a new GameGuru Unlimited Bundle for our GameGuru fans. This useful bundle allows anyone who has already bought GameGuru and any DLC’s the opportunity to get the rest of the GameGuru products at 25% off! If you want to complete your GameGuru library of products this new initiative by Steam allows you to pick up the DLC’s you do not already have in your account. This, coupled with any offers we have on at the time, is the most cost-effective way to complete your GameGuru library.

GameGuru Adventures

It would appear the release of V1.13 went very well indeed, and I have even received some very glowing emails of congratulations on the build, so thanks everyone for the kind words, and I hope to repeat this success with another solid release in the very near future.  One little gem that's emerging from the community is a series of videos on making GameGuru levels, and it's great to see all the capabilities of GameGuru being brought to bear on the creative process. Here is the latest I received over the weekend:

GameGuru V1.13 Released!

Today we release the latest version of GameGuru V1.13 which includes the most requested feature from the community, saving in-game progress for standalone games, along with many tweaks, bug fixes and additions which we hope will give you more game making superpowers.  In addition, this version has a new restricted content mode so your young ones can use GameGuru without fear of encountering violent assets, a new non-Steam installer for educational users (separate product) and perhaps the most voted for feature from artists is the ability to load in FBX files via the IMPORT MODEL feature.

GameGuru V1.13 Imminent

As the release of V1.13 looms, testing enters the final stage and we are looking forward to launching the much awaited Save & Load Feature for Standalone Games. It means we will be able to take down an item from the voting board and promote the next highest to the top spot for immediate implementation, which as it stands right now looks to be the Easy Building Editor, plus a few other treats I have waiting in the wings for you. More on this from my dev blogs throughout April.

GameGuru Community Assets

It has been no secret that you can get quite a lot of free assets from the GameGuru community forums, but with the release of the FPS Creator classic model packs into the land of open source, we have seen a delightful flood of them undergoing the necessary conversion, and we are starting to see some adaptions into quite cool looking offerings.  One post amongst many even hosts the download to get new characters into your creations, right HERE

GameGuru V1.13 Progress Report

Firstly, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and before that, your Easter festivities, and we hope you liked our little seasonal DLC to help you create something Easter flavored over the holidays. As it happens, one such user took the Easter DLC assets and made a very cool bandicoot clone, including a great how-to tutorial video of the whole thing which was awesome to watch!  If you are interested, his video is here: