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GameGuru Fantasy Pack Update

As you’ll know we are working hard on the main GameGuru update, which will bring you DirectX 11 and PBR. Alongside that, and in response to feedback from the Steam community, we have made some small improvements to the Fantasy Pack DLC.

When you create a Player Start Marker and assign it a weapon, you will find five weapons for your fantasy games including an axe, bow, knife, sword and a fireball spell.

GameGuru Progress Update As some of you know, work continues in the basements of GameGuru HQ to reform the entire graphics engine to use DirectX 11 and PBR rendering to bring the graphics capability to modern gaming standards.
TheGameCreators Survey & Ending Deals

We’d really appreciate your feedback on our products – AppGameKit, GameGuru and MyWorld – via this short survey. Your input will help us continue to improve our products, as well as help us deliver the best possible customer service.
Everyone completing the survey will be entered into a prize draw and have the chance to win one of ten $100 cash prizes.

GameGuru Graphics Overhaul Progress It's been over a month since the last progress update post on the current graphics overhaul under development, and the good news is that almost all legacy functionality has been restored to the engine, now running natively under DirectX 11.
GameGuru Competition - Easy Building Editor

It's been a long time since GameGuru had an official competition, so get ready for one suggested by the community and accessible to anyone who can click blocks together. That's right, the winner will have produced the best-looking structure using the Easy Building Editor, one of the recent editing modules added to GameGuru.

Lava Discovered On Mars Today we add a new shader effect and script to the core of GameGuru, and an extra asset type to the Scifi Mission To Mars Pack in the form of liquid ground tiles which you can place inside craters to form simple puddles and shallow pools.