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AppGameKit 2017 Survey

The AppGameKit team are running a new survey to find out what the AppGameKit community want to see added to the product. Even if you don't yet own AppGameKit we'd still like to hear from you.

If you have a few minutes spare please submit your feedback, just click this link;

AppGameKit Version 2017.01.09 Released!

From this point forward we're using a new versioning number system for AppGameKit based on the date of release - so this one is called Build 2017.01.09

This maintenace build brings you these vital fixes and additions. Thanks for the feedback which helped us stabalise AppGameKit.

AppGameKit V2.0.22 Released!

Welcome to a new version of AppGameKit. In this latest release, the main new feature we have added is support for UTF-8 character sets. This means AGK can now support all types of characters. We've also ensured your current projects work with ASCII characters sets for backwards compatibility.
It's now possible to load in True Type fonts and make your text displays look even more professional and appealing.

Here's a full run down of all the features and fixes in AppGameKit 2.0.22:

GameGuru V1.133 Released

What began as a simple update with a few well-meaning fixes has turned into something much more substantial with a range of core improvements to GameGuru, a full change log can be found in the official GameGuru forum thread announcing this update.

V1.132 and Expansion Pack Released

Hi Fellow Game Makers,

Today we are very pleased to announce the launch of V1.132 update and most significantly, the new Expansion Pack DLC which contains over 2.8 GB of game making assets for you to enjoy. This DLC is completely free to GameGuru users and you can download it any time you like, bringing your tally of stock media to over 6000 megabytes of content.

GameGuru EBE Goes To Beta

It's been a longer road than I had planned or hoped, but I am now ready to release the EBE in a small way to our internal beta testing group who kindly offer a few hours of their time every now and again to hammer GameGuru builds to ensure they are ready for the public.  They are under a gentle NDA for the most part, but I am happy for them to share what they think of the EBE system in the forums over the next two weeks (when I will be on holiday flush the microchips out of my head and finding new ways to recharge my old brain battery).

AppGameKit Official Guides Updated

We are pleased to announce that the AppGameKit Official Tutorial Guide and Beginners Guide have been updated by the author Alistair Stewart and will be automatically updated on your system the next time you log into your Steam account.  The revision is marked July 2016 in the revision notes for those who want to know which version of the book they own.  The AppGameKit Tutorial Guide is crammed with everything you will need to learn AGK Tier 1 from scratch and is a valuable resource for the budding app developer.

AppGameKit Launches 3D Asset Pack

You've been treated to many 2D asset packs, but we are pleased to bring you the first 3D Asset Pack for AppGameKit, which specifically targets the need for very low polygon and low memory textures for the widest device compatibility.

AppGameKit V2.0.20 Released!

AppGameKit V2.0.20

Today we're releasing a new version of AppGameKit with a range of new features and fixes.

  • Breaking changes: this version cannot run previous bytecode, and old versions cannot run bytecode from this version
  • Updated AGK to use libPNG 1.5.27 due to a security vulnerability
  • Modified IDE export options to compile the project before exporting to make sure it is up to date
  • Fixed the stop broadcast button sometimes failing to stop the app on a device
  • IDE export settings are now stored inside the project file for each project
  • Fixed the debugger not being able to set a breakpoint on source files contained in folders in some cases
  • Added new compiler directive #company_name to create a more unique write folder for your apps on Windows and Linux, see the Language section of the help for more details
  • Significantly improved image loading times on all platforms
  • Removed 2048x2048 size limit on images, now only limited by device capabilities
  • Fixed LoadImage down sizing images above the size limit causing sub images to have their offset values corrupted
  • Be aware of GPU memory when using large images, a 4096x4096 image will use 64MB, regardless of its file size
  • Loading an image that is not a power of two in size will no longer pad it to the nearest power of two internally, unless SetGenerateMipmaps is set to 1
  • Using SetImageWrapU or SetImageWrapV with mode 1 (repeat) on an image that is not a power of two will now do nothing
  • Added OGG music commands that can play multiple music files at the same time, and allows seamless looping
  • OGG music commands will work the same on all platforms
  • Old music commands are now deprecated in favour of the OGG music commands
  • Fixed GetManagedSpriteCount always returning 0
  • CreateRenderImage can now use non-power of two sizes when the mipmap parameter is set to 0
  • Added SetTweenDuration() to change the duration of a tween after it has been created
  • Fixed FBX loader causing a crash on ARM devices
  • Fixed frustum culling not working correctly when using an orthographic camera
  • Fixed a crash in LoadObjectWithChildren when loading an object with a single bone
  • Fixed objects created with CreateObjectFromObjectMesh not being drawn properly
  • Fixed SetObjectCollisionMode() not creating collision data if used on an instance object when the parent has collision turned off and has no collision data of its own
  • Added ViewFile() command to open a specified file in an external app, usually the system default for that extension
  • Added ShareText() and ShareImage() commands to share text and images with external apps, asks the user to choose the app
  • Fixed local notifications not showing on Android if the app is closed when in the background
  • Added GetInAppPurchaseLocalPrice() command to get the item price in the local currency
  • Added GetInAppPurchaseDesciption() command to get the item description
  • Fixed iOS export causing an error when the app is submitted to Apple
  • Added option to iOS export to allow all orientations
  • Fixed a crash on Android when loading a 3D object that contains multiple primitive types (point, line, triangle, or polygon) in a single mesh
  • Fixed some Android devices not keeping the correct GetPointerX and GetPointerY values after a touch release
  • Added sharedUserID field to Android export dialog so shared variables can be used in Tier 1
  • Modified Android GetRawRotationVector commands to use the game rotation vector sensor where available, which isn't affected by magnets
  • Fixed SetErrorMode(2) not displaying error messages properly on Android
  • AGK will no longer add a default precision to shaders on mobile devices if it detects the string "#if", which implies you have added it yourself
  • Added joystick support to HTML5
  • Fixed SetVSync command on HTML5
  • Fixed SetClearColor not working on HTML5
  • Fixed joystick ranges for non-XInput devices on Windows, causing some devices to report incorrect values
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use joysticks on a Mac
  • Fixed Facebook warnings about Graph 2.0 calls
  • Added GetFacebookAccessToken to return the access token that can be used with graph API calls using the HTTP commands
  • Added the Euro currency symbol to the default font
  • Updated Mac apps to be 64-bit, if you are using Tier 2 be sure to set your valid architectures build setting to x86_64
  • Updated RunApp() to work on Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed virtual buttons becoming distorted if broadcasting and app that uses a virtual resolution after an app that uses percentage coordinates
GameGuru V1.131 Released

It was meant to be a small tweak release, it turned into a monster. We have just released V1.131 which contains new features, fixes and tweaks to keep your game making universe alive and kicking, with a little something for everyone.  Below is a full list of changes from the log.