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Announcing AppGameKit for C#!

TheGameCreators have teamed up with Forum developer MadBit to trial his C# version of AppGameKit.

With the AGKSharp wrapper developers now have a way to access the AppGameKit game making commands.

AppGameKit Sound Library expanded with bonus sounds!

Today the AppGameKit Sound Library has received an expansion of 30 new sounds. This bonus pack contains this wide range of new sounds:

BabblingBrook.wav BeamHorn.wav CarStart.wav CoinOnCoins.wav DodgeEngineHiInt.wav DodgeEngineLoExt.wav DrinkFountain.wav EatBite.wavEscortEngine.wav GordonGun.wav GUIAttack.wav GUIMove.wav LightWalker.wav LumpGun.wav MagicEffect.wav MangroveSwamp.wav MechSwitch.wav MechSwitchTicker.wav PickupTone.wav SelectWhack.wav SelectEquip.wav SelectWhiper.wav SummerBees.wav TrapDart.wav TypeBackspace.wav Typewriter.wav WarhammerLight.wav WarhammerMetal.wav ZoomIn.wav ZoomOut.wav

AppGameKit Visual Editor Updated

The AppGameKit Visual Editor has today received a big update with new features, fixes and tweaks. You can read the full list of improvements here;

Colour key frames, scale key frames and forces can be edited for particles. Particles can now be scaled using the gripper on the bottom right of the selection box. Particles now support cut, copy, paste, duplicate, lock/unlock and send to back/front etc. Added enable / disable particles option to the Scene menu.