Latest News

MyWorld Woodland Content Update We have added more free content to the MyWorld universe with 29 new shape items that include ramps, walls, blocks, and planks plus some big-ticket items such as broken portals and a wrecked bridge.
GameGuru Easter DLC Now Free To get you into the Easter spirit, we have added some extra items to our Easter DLC which should now be visible in your listings. As a special treat, and to celebrate Easter with you, we have decided to make the whole DLC completely free!
MyWorld Workshop Author Interviewed Every now and again in the MyWorld universe, you come across something special, and behind the scenes is a creator like you! We are excited to welcome one such individual who knows how to create a great game, and his name is TheHeroOfTimeAndSpace.
GameGuru March Public Preview We are excited to announce the release today of the March update to the public preview version of GameGuru on Steam. By popular request, your scripts are now encrypted when you save standalone.
Announcing AppGameKit for Python!

TheGameCreators have teamed up with developer Adam Biser to trial his Python version of AppGameKit.

With the help of a Python PYD plugin, Python developers now have a way to access the AppGameKit game making commands.

AppGameKit Mobile Released on Android!

Today AppGameKit Mobile releases on the Android platforms. Now you can code 'on the go' with AppGameKit Mobile, building apps, demos and games wherever you are.

This totally FREE version of AppGameKit lets you code using the normal AppGameKit script language, and then compile and run your projects directly on your device. The app comes with demos and examples to help new users discover just how easy the programming language is to use.