About The Game Creators

As the name suggests, the principal focus of The Game Creators is to develop and publish easy to use game creation software.

Based in the North West of the United Kingdom, they are now one of the most recognised providers of game creation software on the Internet with a comprehensive range of affordable game creation tools that make it easier for anyone to make their own computer games.

As you look around, you'll see that this website acts as a hub for a global game creation community. We welcome new comers and experienced developers into our community and actively encourage them to ask questions and meet other like-minded developers in our online forums.

The business was co-founded in by Lee Bamber and Rick Vanner who had met while the two worked for one of Europe's foremost publishers of education software.

Over the past sixteen years this small Indie developer has created many game making products, including Dark Basic, FPS Creator, The 3D Gamemaker, GameGuru and AppGameKit.

The business is now focused on two key brands; GameGuru and AppGameKit. Both products have established passionate and loyal communities. We're listening to these users and expanding these products based on their feedback and needs.

TheGameCreators aim to make the process of game making as easy as possible and at the same time ensure you can be as creative as you like.

TheGameCreators Team

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