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GameGuru V1.14 Progress Report

After the extra work created for V1.131 and the subsequent delayed release, we have charged into the V1.14 work in earnest to make sure we get closer to our desired internal release date as possible.  I will keep this date dark so (a) you are not disappointed should we miss it, and (b) that we give ourselves the freedom to do more testing before we release to the public.  We already have a handful of post V1.131 tweaks coded, but the major news is the progress of the Easy Building Editor module which has been a joy to work on.  Now whatever I create will be subject to controversy, simply due to the number of ways the design could have gone, and that I am going up against the world of 3D modellers which have had two decades and a large team of coders to perfect. I have my, myself and a few weeks, in amongst my other duties of dev blog writer, twitch broadcaster, Steam and forum post replies, email responder, support mail replies and of course the regular duties of CEO and general project overlord.

GameGuru V1.131 Released

It was meant to be a small tweak release, it turned into a monster. We have just released V1.131 which contains new features, fixes and tweaks to keep your game making universe alive and kicking, with a little something for everyone.  Below is a full list of changes from the log.

GameGuru V1.131 Report

It's been a busy time here at TGC HQ with a flurry of new releases, and to keep those new products in the headlines we paused the dev blog series. Not normally an issue, but with the launch of our Raspberry Pi and HTML5 versions of AGK, new books and bundles we wanted everyone to see these amazing additions before being swallowed up by daily blasts of my dev blog rants. In order to create a compromise then, we've decided to make the dev blogs weekly, cherry picking the most exciting and revealing items of the week to share.

AppGameKit Launches Games Pack 1

Today we released Games Pack 1 for AppGameKit which includes ten full games spanning multiple genres that show the diversity you can achieve and demonstrates the kind of games you can make with AppGameKit.  In AppGameKit Games Pack 1 you will find everything you might expect from a games compendium, including puzzles, action games and even an excellent tower defence game that will keep you playing for hours.

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