Acceptable Usage Policy

By using any of websites or any of our services you agree to our Acceptable Usage Policy described on this page. If you do not accept these terms you are not allowed to use, download or store any files or information from our sites.

1. Software Download Rules

Our files collection has been carefully put together to form a high quality archive of game development software and resources spanning years of work. For all files offered here the following rules apply:

2. Website Usage Rules

We spent many years collecting the information presented on our websites. This includes user testing, taking screen shots, writing reviews and content related to software and products on offer. For all of our websites the following rules apply:

3. Forums Rules

Our Forums allow users of this site to post messages and discussions thereof. This is an automated post-moderated function (not pre-moderated). We cannot and will not be held responsible for the content of such third party addition. For the Forums and all interactive areas of our websites the following rules apply:

The following software related topics, and discussion of them, are banned from all of our forums:

Due to continuous problems the following subjects are also banned from discussion on all of our forums:

3.11 We do not tolerate posts made for the purpose of putting down another forum member, group of members, religion, our company, our staff or any of our moderators, past or present.

3.12 We do not tolerate 'trolling', the process of posting inflamatory messages for the sake of starting an argument, or being plain obnoxious.

3.13 If your message violates any or all of the points above we reserve the right to take action against you. This can include restrictions such as: Temporary or full bans from our forum. IP/subnet/domain/ISP level blocking of access to our forum AND website, including your Order History. Refusal of all product related support. Removal of rights to purchase from our store.

We would prefer that we never have to enforce any of these, so keep your forum activity in check and it should never need to happen.

3.14 We will treat breaches of any of the above rules seriously. We will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies should they contact us regarding breach of any law. When dealing with a law enforcement agency we will hand over any information we have about you if requested. There are no exceptions. Your privacy rights do not apply in this instance. We fully support all forms of anti-criminal activity and crime-fighting organisations, including anti-piracy bodies. Should you use pirated software do not talk about or mention this on our forum in any manner at all, or even imply it, because we will fully support any organisation that challenges a copyright infringement, including passing to them any information we have.

3.15 Being a customer of The Game Creators gives no right to being allowed access to our forum.

3.16 If you upload a file to our forum, all of the points raised in sections 3, 4 and 5 of this AUP come into play.

3.17 Our forums are moderated by both TGC employees and trusted non-paid members of the public who volunteer their services and time for the benefit of the community. By using our forums you automatically agree that they cannot be held personally responsible for any actions arising from these forums. You agree that moderators shall, at their discretion, determine what constitutes a violation of these terms, along with generally accepted netiquette standards, and can take action against those who violate these rules.

3.18 - If you are under the age of 18, you may not post your age, post a self image, or self video. Doing so may result in a temporary or full ban.

4. Censorship and Legal Actions

4.1 While we actively post-moderate our forum messages, due to the nature of the Internet sometimes things can get "out of hand". People may start to attack others in a personal often alarming manner. In these instances we will do our best to cancel/remove the account of the perpetrator. Your own perceptions of "what is offensive" do not apply.

4.2 We will cancel/remove accounts at our discretion only. Do not threaten us with "legal action" against someone harassing you on the forum. The forums are public places of debate, if you do not like someone's message then ignore it. We will not support any legal activity or claims unless specifically directed to us by a solicitor / law firm or law enforcement agency. We and we alone decide if a forum post violates our terms and conditions and it is left up to us if we should remove such a post. The majority of the time we will respect your wishes, but we and we alone make the final decision and there is no appeal process.

5. Copyrights

5.1 All third party files offered on our web sites remain the copyright of their respective holders. The postings made in the Forums remain the copyright of their respective author.

5.2 By posting your messages / files and screen shots to our web sites you are giving us express permission to display and redistribute those files in any manner we see fit including all forms of digital and printed media.

5.3 If you wish to post screen shots / files that are of work controlled under copyright and/or distribution restrictions then you must obtain permission from us before doing so, otherwise you forfeit this right. The content of all web sites, unless stated otherwise, is (C) Copyright The Game Creators Ltd, all rights reserved.

6. Names, trademarks and logos

6.1 All names, trademarks and logos used on our web sites are used for the sole purpose of textual and graphical identification and still remain the property of their respective owners and holders at all times.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 Neither any partner company, associate, developer or member of The Game Creators Ltd staff may be held responsible for any damage which may be caused by using any files / information offered on any of our web sites. While we endevour to ensure all information and files are accurate and error free, you use all at your own risk.