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RPG World

TheGameCreators have today announced that RPG World has been transferred out to Dave Milton, its original developer and is now under his full control.

TheGameCreators decided to separate RPG World from its product range earlier this year in order to concentrate their efforts on a smaller range of products, and were delighted when the developer agreed to take the product on independently.

AppGameKit Tier 2 Repository Now Available!

For those of you who want to create your own AppGameKit commands, we have now released the full source code to the Tier 2 libraries, giving you access to the code behind all existing commands, and the ability to create additional commands as required.

We have set up this repository so that any work done to the Tier 2 libraries can be shared with the whole community, and to provide access to the low-level source for developers who need access to the core engine. It is our hope that this resource will allow contributors to expand the programming language going forward, and introduce commands that may not have been on our roadmap, and facilitate collaboration on adding new features quickly.