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GameGuru New Public Preview We are pleased to announce the release of an update to the public preview version of GameGuru on Steam which includes the new DirectX 11 engine and Physically Based Rendering, together with a host of fixes, new assets and functionality improvements.
AppGameKit - Tier2 Pong Tutorial

Here's the next in our series of AppGameKit Tier2 tutorials. This tutorial steps you throught the creation of the all time classic game Pong!

From this point on, our tutorials will be focused on developing for Windows in Visual Studio. However much of the power of the AppGameKit comes from its ability to make cross platform development easy.

GameGuru Repository live on GitHub With our new GameGuru Repository, get ready for community and freelancer participation in GameGuru development, a cool new issues tracker and a day to day insight into the development of fixes and features. You wanted faster development, you got it!
MyWorld - FREE DLC: Epic Mounts!

MyWorld brings you a speedy way of travelling around your games, mounts! There are four horses built into MyWorld with an extra six in our Epic Mounts DLC pack, which is FREE during early access! 


GameGuru Fantasy Pack Update

As you’ll know we are working hard on the main GameGuru update, which will bring you DirectX 11 and PBR. Alongside that, and in response to feedback from the Steam community, we have made some small improvements to the Fantasy Pack DLC.

When you create a Player Start Marker and assign it a weapon, you will find five weapons for your fantasy games including an axe, bow, knife, sword and a fireball spell.

AppGameKit - Tier2 Tutorial Series Starts

Today we have released the first set of tutorials for AppGameKit Tier2 C++ development. This new series of tutorials aims to help users who want to move from Tier1 AppGameKit scripting to Tier2 C++ development. 

In this first set of tutorials you'll learn how to install and setup Tier 2 on Windows, Mac and Android. Over the course of these tutorials, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to program your own games using the AppGameKit C++ libraries.

Updates to AppGameKit VR & the AppGameKit Tier2 Guide

 AppGameKit VR has new features and improvements based on our community feedback.

Here's a list of what's new:
  • New commands to set the global position and rotation of the Head Mounted Display in the 3D world
  • Ability to render to each eye individually
  • Added the ability to render depth textures
  • New ability to get lower level controller button feedbacks to better support Oculus controllers
  • Added the capability to return a float value from Oculus Touch grip triggers
  • Feedback and control of Steam's chaperone (boundary grid)
  • Added hardware information feedbacks
  • Fixed a problem with the SetPlayerRotation command
  • Allow the use of a custom skybox instead of the SteamVR room when application is too busy to render new images
  • Added a command to cleanly shut-down AGKVR

This new version uses the very latest OpenVR dll so be sure to download all files (Open VR, AppGameKit VR Plugin, Tier 1 and Tier2 demos).