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Announcing AppGameKit for C#!

TheGameCreators have teamed up with Forum developer MadBit to trial his C# version of AppGameKit.

With the AGKSharp wrapper developers now have a way to access the AppGameKit game making commands.

AppGameKit Sound Library expanded with bonus sounds!

Today the AppGameKit Sound Library has received an expansion of 30 new sounds. This bonus pack contains this wide range of new sounds:

BabblingBrook.wav BeamHorn.wav CarStart.wav CoinOnCoins.wav DodgeEngineHiInt.wav DodgeEngineLoExt.wav DrinkFountain.wav EatBite.wavEscortEngine.wav GordonGun.wav GUIAttack.wav GUIMove.wav LightWalker.wav LumpGun.wav MagicEffect.wav MangroveSwamp.wav MechSwitch.wav MechSwitchTicker.wav PickupTone.wav SelectWhack.wav SelectEquip.wav SelectWhiper.wav SummerBees.wav TrapDart.wav TypeBackspace.wav Typewriter.wav WarhammerLight.wav WarhammerMetal.wav ZoomIn.wav ZoomOut.wav

AppGameKit Visual Editor Updated

The AppGameKit Visual Editor has today received a big update with new features, fixes and tweaks. You can read the full list of improvements here;

Colour key frames, scale key frames and forces can be edited for particles. Particles can now be scaled using the gripper on the bottom right of the selection box. Particles now support cut, copy, paste, duplicate, lock/unlock and send to back/front etc. Added enable / disable particles option to the Scene menu.

Physics improvements come to AppGameKit-GameGuru Loader!

Today AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader advances with many new features including rag doll physics and an improved vegetation system. Here's a full run down of the latest improvements to this game focused source code for AppGameKit:

Improved 3D physics support Ragdoll support, a single function that can add ragdoll physics to your characters - CreateRagdoll(objID) The Kinematic Bullet: interact with Ragdolls and objects by shooting a kinematic bullet 3D physics now set the real center of mass for all objects All physics objects now use convex hull shapes by default We've added direct support for more media including all the new PBR media Increased the vegetation baking. Vegetation is now way more intense and covers the terrain better Bug fixes, support more point lights, improved new level loading and more! Underwater post processing shader has been added, makes your underwater levels look great!

New AppGameKit with Augmented Reality Commands!

Today brings a huge update to AppGameKit! We have cool new commands that let you control the hot new technology of Augmented Reality on both the iOS (ARKit) and Android (ARCore) platforms. With these new commands and values we've stripped down the complexity, providing an easy way for you to access AR features from your own code. 

The Game Creators Spring survey - $100 survey winners contacted!

Our Spring survey poled hundreds of entries and provided us with some really valuable feedback and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who took part - we're currently reading and analysing the data. What we learn from your views will directly influence our development plans moving forward for AppGameKit, GameGuru and MyWorld.

AppGameKit Mobile Released on iOS!

Today AppGameKit Mobile releases on the iOS platform. Now you can code 'on the go' with AppGameKit Mobile, building apps, demos and games wherever you are.

This totally FREE version of AppGameKit lets you code using the normal AppGameKit script language, and then compile and run your projects directly on your iOS device. The app comes with demos and examples to help new users discover just how easy the programming language is to use.