Academic Pricing

We offer great discounts to Educational establishments on all our game making products and our software is used in hundreds of locations around the world.

Schools, Colleges, Universities and other teaching establishments can all benefit from our discounted deals. Whether you already run games development courses or are thinking of adding them to you curriculum, we'd like to introduce you to the proven educational advantages of our products.

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"I was a little nervous about teaching app design with my students because I didn’t think I had the time to learn a new development language. But, app design with AGK couldn’t have been any easier and the students loved it. I don’t want to say it was plug-n-play, but it was the closest thing to it… and the students were able to develop and deploy, to their favorite devices, with ease."

Troy Coffey, El Rancho Charter School, CA, USA

"AppGameKit is an easy to learn tool that has made it easier for my students to insert their coding as well as to deploy the apps they make our in our class"

Tom Parslow, Charter Oak High School, CA, USA