The latest update for GameGuru Classic is now out, including bug fixes reported since the June update.  If you spot any new issues please let us know on our issues board.

Here are all of the items we fixed in this update:

  • Now the Show(e) and Hide(e) commands ignore light markers, use ShowLight and HideLight instead
  • Prevents the player from intersecting obstacles if using SPACE to swim upward when underwater
  • Fixed the issue of custom characters not retaining their color tints

What are you playing at we hear you scream.....only three fixes in three months, one fix per month, are you serious? 

It can take years, and in the case of GameGuru Classic, eight years, to get to a point where bugs are few and far between, and right now on our issues board we are down to 6 reports left.

Four of them are marked as fixed awaiting confirmation, and two are awaiting additional information required to successfully reproduce the issue.  The rest of the bugs, that once numbered in the thousands, have all been fixed.

We made a commitment two years ago to support GameGuru Classic with fixes for as long as there was a community around it and this is still the case. We hope you continue to enjoy making games with this increasingly classic game maker.

As always, we encourage you to check out the GitHub repository that holds the source code to GameGuru Classic and if you have some C++ skills, and feel inclined, make some additions and let us know.  We are always looking for new features to release........and the community will be very happy with you!

For general news and an extended Live Chat with the community, check out the live broadcast on our YouTube channel which goes out on the last Wednesday of every month on YouTube at 7 PM BST.