We've just released our latest update for GameGuru Classic and once more we crushed the issues list, this time to absolute zero!  As with all software, there will always be a few bugs lurking in the darkness, so if you do discover one, please let us know on our issues board.

Here is a detailed list of all the bugs we fixed in this update:

  • Fixed issue of building hulks exported from Building Editor from not showing/crashing
  • Added support for 'baseColorMap0-99' field in FPE to directly texture meshes by mesh index
  • Updated GameGuru Converter to produce more stable DBO such as some weaponized character models
  • Refreshed binaries of latest build to match latest source code available on GitHub repo

It has been a while since we asked, but if you have already completed a game in GameGuru Classic and you are happy with it, we would love to take a look and share the link with the whole community so everyone can see what can be done.

This game maker is now seven years strong and remains a popular choice for many budding game makers out there, and we must give a big shout-out to our amazing contributors who keep the features flowing!

For regular news and insights behind the scenes check out our broadcasts on our YouTube channel (which now includes a dedicated section on GameGuru Classic) which goes out on YouTube every Wednesday at 7PM BST.