The latest update is now out, including bug fixes reported since the March update.  If you spot any new issues please let us know on our issues board.

Here are a few of the items we fixed in this update:

  • Imported models now no longer miss multi-texture names in the data structure
  • Temporary import files are now deleted so import geometry not repeated
  • Updated DBO converter to latest build dependencies
  • Bypassed XCache Standalone fix when importer being used
  • Added extra runtime info when an object cannot be found (corrupt install)
  • Modified third-person movement speed so weapon speed does not affect anim sync
  • Characters now reload correctly during combat and do not reset reload strafe
  • Weapons held no longer mess up when collecting duplicates
  • Changed prompt when collecting melee weapons from enemies
  • Player health collection no longer exceeds the maximum health
  • Added more script dependencies when exporting standalone

As always, we encourage you to check out the GitHub repository that holds the source code to GameGuru Classic and if you have some C++ skills, and feel inclined, make some additions and let us know.  We are always looking for new features to release and the community will be very happy with you!

We are also happy to report that the most excellent Cine|Guru for GameGuru Classic was also recently updated to V1.6 so that the player is now frozen whenever cameras are active and a new command "activate" has been added to the actor script to allow actors to activate whatever entity is named in their IfUsed field.

For general news and an extended Live Chat with the community, check out the broadcast on our channel which goes out on the last Wednesday of every month on YouTube at 7 PM BST.