We've just released our latest update for GameGuru Classic and this one is heavy on bug fixing!  These days the bugs are few and far between but we take them all seriously - and as always, if you do find any more bugs lurking in the shadows, please let us know on our issues board.

UPDATE: For those who don't want to wade through the changes reported on the issues board, here is a summary of the fixes in the October update:

  • Fixed the issue of some weapons not displaying correctly with the new 64-bit version of the engine
  • The texture types panel no longer invisible for some users
  • Characters no longer float in the air when set to always active and placed in the distance

When a new bug report comes in we assign and tag the issue for you and, if we need additional information, we will add the "Help Wanted" tag. We usually cannot proceed with a fix until we get this information so if you do post an issue please check back regularly to see if we need a little more info from you. Together we can ensure the overall bug count for GameGuru Classic remains ludicrously low :-)

This update brings us back into single digits for outstanding bugs and for those that remain check out the issues board for the detail.  Also, check out the comments in the "Help Wanted" tags as we have provided extra information on these in case it's a bug that affects you.

For regular news and insights behind the scenes check out our broadcasts on our YouTube channel (which now includes a dedicated section on GameGuru Classic) which goes out on YouTube every Wednesday at 7PM BST.

We remain vigilant so, again if you do find an issue that you would like to see fixed in the next update, please do post it on our issues board