February is the shortest month of the year but we still managed to pack in an amazing amount of bug-fixing and product-tweaking into GameGuru MAX in those short four weeks!

February saw us work on:

  • The welcome screen, which has now become the MAX HUB, and from where you can play the demo games, your own games, watch tutorials and access help and our social channels

  • The terrain editor biomes have been updated and improved with pre-defined tree choices, vegetation, water colour and other values - to ensure your levels start off looking great!
  • The visual logic system has been changed to make it easier to connect objects and characters together
  • There’s been continual improvements to the AI system - and we’re still working on it to add even more depth to how enemies behave
  • The test level is now near instant because the terrain physics process has been optimised and uses a great new method!
  • There’s been hundreds of bugs fixed and tweaks resulting in the software becoming more polished, faster and reliable ?

Take a look at our latest update video to see the results of all these most recent changes:

Our dev team are hard at work continuing to fix and make improvements as we gear up for the Early Access release of GameGuru MAX on Steam on the 25th March :-)

Our pre-order users will get their Alpha builds every Friday right through to launch and our discounted pre-order copies of GameGuru MAX are also available right through to launch too.