We’ve launched today the AppGameKit Visual Editor, the new drag & drop tool which takes away the guess work when it comes to 2D object placement, scaling and rotation.

The Visual Editor imports your projects media files and allows you to drag & drop them into the main editor window, where you can then visually modify the media with controls to re-position, scale, rotate, set properties, duplicate and more. Apps can be designed easier and faster!

Key Features

  • Easily design your app scenes
  • Position, scale and rotate objects
  • Supports Sprites, Text and Edit Boxes
  • Set properties of objects (transparency, colour, physics, etc)
  • Multiple resolution support
  • Define up to 50 scenes per project
  • Exports AppGameKit Tier 1 Source Code
  • Integrates with the AppGameKit IDE

The Visual Editor provides an easy way for object properties to be set up. You simply click on an object and its current properties will be displayed; you're then able to easily change any of the starting values for that object.

The sprite properties you can configure are:

  • Depth
  • Visible
  • Flip Vertical
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Active
  • Colour
  • Alpha
  • Collision
  • Physics
  • Type

You can also add in Text and Edit Box objects.

As most apps will have more than one game scene (main menu, game play, game over, high score, etc) the Visual Editor scene manager helps you manage this. Simply choose a scene and design the items that need to appear within it.

With the multiple resolution support you can preview how your app will look on different devices that have varying resolutions and aspect ratios. Choose a base resolution and from that the Visual Editor will re-scale and re-position your sprites across the various, different resolutions. You can also make adjustments in any resolution to ensure your app looks the best on any device.

The AppGameKit Visual Editor integrates seamlessly with the Tier 1 IDE, allowing you to instantly test your visual projects. A project file is exported, which you can then modify with your own code to bring your game logic to life.

AppGameKit Visual Editor is available on Steam or on The Game Creators website