As you may know we are in the testing phase of GameGuru MAX, aiming to have a release version for the 1st December.  We have had an internal review of the project todate and looked hard at our goals for the product.  We've concluded that the product we want to create and the one we would release at the end of this year are too different things, and it's only because of a fixed release date that we've been making these compromises.

We have come a long way in upgrading the engine to 64-bit, replacing the graphics engine and adding modern features such as OpenXR support; but we have largely neglected the overall experience of using the software and have left sizable gaps in basic gameplay functionality, that limits the scope of the games you can make.

We have also concluded that it was incorrect to label the latest version of the software a Beta.  There is enough still wrong with the builds, in addition to missing features, to think of the build as a Beta and it should have remained in Alpha until all those issues had been resolved.

We have decided to make an immediate course correction to ensure we produce the best GameGuru MAX we know we can make, and from today we have revoked the release date of 1st December 2020 and replaced it with an open-ended release date.  We will continue to release builds to the pre-order community but understand this change will disappoint those who expected a finished and final product this year.  For those customers, we hope you can view this decision as a positive one, in that we're looking to create a far better product at the cost of some extra development time.

To everyone in the community, thank you for your support in helping us develop GameGuru MAX and a special thanks to everyone who has been feeding back on the last few builds - please keep it coming.  If you feel the builds are not achieving AAA visuals or settling for a lack-luster UX, do let us know in the forums. We believe it is this last phase, the refinement and iteration of development, which is the most crucial to creating not just a good product, but a great one.  Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!