We've released a huge update of AppGameKit Studio today that fixes lots of issues and brings new features. Read all the details here:


  • Added - Only allow one instance of Windows AppGameKit Studio Studio to run.
  • Added - Parse command line parameters and support opening projects by double clicking .agk files in explorer.


  • Reinstated the ClearDepthBuffer command to clear the depth buffer in the middle of a frame
  • Fixed a bug in Vulkan where using SetRenderToImage without a depth buffer could cause the color image to not clear correctly
  • Fixed textured sprites or objects sometimes flickering between their assigned image and a black transparent image when using Vulkan
  • Fixed shadows sometimes becoming corrupt when drawing multiple boned objects
  • Using SetObjectShader(ID,0) on a quad will now return it to the default quad shader
  • Added GetRendererName() command to return the name of the current renderer
  • Added #renderer "None" to create a windowless app (Windows only), graphics commands will not work but Swap must be called every frame and it will use the SetSyncRate value to limit the frame rate

Virtual Buttons

  • Fixed virtual button presses being offset from the button when SetViewOffset is used


  • Fixed GetSpriteHitTest and GetSpriteHit not reporting the correct values when SetViewOffset is used
  • Fixed SetRawMousePosition on Mac not immediately setting the new mouse position


  • Fixed some keys not being recognised on Android physical keyboards


  • Fixed SetMemblockByteSigned incorrectly truncating values to the range -127 to 128 instead of -128 to 127


  • Fixed GetSystemFontPath sometimes causing a crash if the path contained backslashes


  • HTML5 apps can now use SaveSharedVariable and LoadSharedVariable to store persistent data in cookies

Help Files

  • Fixed many help file spelling mistakes


  • Fixed iOS export failing during submission to Apple
  • Added old Android versions to the APK export dialog


  • Mac apps now use a write path based on the .app filename instead of a generic name shared by all apps
  • Fixed Google Play Games achievements not displaying a popup when you unlock an achievement
  • Fixed - Mac IPA Export. Some files could have extended attributes or resource forks, this is now removed.


  • DLC menu added to main menu to quickly find DLC files
  • Enhancement - Studio now allows you to open project files over different network paths.
  • Fixed - Inconsistency fixed when using forward or back slash characters in "add new source file to project" fixed.
    Enhancement - You can now "word" select text. Double click on a word and then hold down left mouse button and move to select more code in word sections
  • Added - "Go To Definition" or CTRL+T will now align the function near the top of the editor.
  • Fixed a problem affecting moving between source file tabs
  • When a word is highlighted and then press shift+arrow right, the cursor now moves to the end of the word
  • Improved the display of comments surrounded by /* and */
  • Fixed a bug causes all text to show as comments
  • If search finds a result in the current file it will no longer load up another instance of it
  • Added this search feature - when double clicking a search result it highlights, so if your search returns multiple results you know which one you selected last.
  • Autocomplete of functions now allows unlimited suggestions
  • Project settings are now saved as soon as you export your project.


  • Fixed - Code Folding bug when auto completion popup.
  • Fixed - If last compiled source was closed and you click on a message in "messages" Studio no longer crashes
  • Fixed - When selecting go to definition, "function" is now placed at the top of the screen instead of at bottom

Scene Editor

  • Added - new scene commands - "scene_create_window(0)" disables setting up windows and "scene_create_window(1)" this is the default that sets up your window for you. If you get error "..._create_window" is not a recognised function or command, open your scene and click "save" ).
  • Fixed - Empty Virtual Button Text kept changing back to Click if edited to a blank text.
  • Fixed - After adding a new resolution, the scene file was not marked as changed, so the resolution was not saved.
  • Added - Hidden layers are no longer copied when you select sprites in the scene
  • Fixed - Re-arrange arrays before saving scene files.
  • If you get error "..._create_window" is not a recognised function or command, open your scene and click "save"


  • Added array.length to the valid list of debug variables
  • Debug call stack will now point to the line a function was called rather than the start of the function
  • Enhancement - Debugger now allows breakpoints from files not part of the current project (#include files).
  • Added - Errors that are displayed while debugging with SetErrorMode(1) are now shown in red
  • Fixed Bug - Copy log to clipboard, now work as intended
  • Added - Right click a single line in message window will allow "Copy to Clipboard"
  • Added - Debugger Your defined run key (normally F5) will work as continue whe in debug mode.
  • Added - Debugger Your defined Step Into key (normally F10) , will work as Step Out when also pressing shift.


  • Fixed - Inconsistencies in the .agk file tidied up.

As usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Studio will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website