My apologies for the late updates.  It's been an absolute nightmare dealing with some of my recent work changes so this has unfortunately dropped massively in priority.

GameGuru News

The Monthly newsletter discussed my book being available. Thanks TheGameCreators - I appreciate it greatly.

There's also a free version of GameGuru now, though it's a test version with a limited time of access.  Should help entice new users.

There were some minor fixes to the PP edition, which is essentially using the latest, most up to date version. Notably there was a load/save Game Stats fix which should help games that make it into production.

What's Good in The Store

Lots of new things are available!  One of which is of course some of the Cyberpunk Noir assets from my book materials!

If you are NOT a purchaser of the book but want some of the static assets (weapons are on the way, once I untangle a few things with free time I don't have currently) then feel free to purchase these! If you do own the book - hit me up on discord for a free code to download it.
Valentin321 put together this great looking motorboat:

There were also some scripts by corrosion, check his store page here:

Teabone made some really well priced scripts as well:

Sula made some great looking PBR trucks -

Fredgames77 has put up some excellent cemetery models:

Pasquill put up a really superb armored vehicle -

AlexGCC put a number of great models up but I really like his apocalypse truck:

Northern put out a very nice VIP model with a decent array of scripts and animations making it a good value:

And for 'most interesting/innovative' item on the store in the past month or so, we have Erart's impressively weird ghost mirror. You have to watch the video to see what I mean:

How cool is that?  Anyways, you can get your copy here:

Free Stuff

Granada made this fantastic free shotgun!  - get your copy at that link.

Tarkus 1971 made some pretty excellent music available for free:

Some great scripts found their way onto the net as well such as smallg's 'racing script':

And Amenmoses's 'cold breath' script:

Notably for me though is the Airplane script he posted to discord.  There's a video in the 'random acts of creativity' section of it.  It's really good stuff!

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

This week there's some interesting Russian Language videos (I love auto-translate) on YouTube for GameGuru:

And also: