The recently released AppGameKit Particle Editor has just had a new update which adds extra functions to help you control how the effects work in your apps. 

These are the new functions and fixes:
  • deleteEffect: This deletes all associated images, render textures and particle geometry and frees up the ID for re-use 
  • setGlobalPivot: This is similar to the setGlobalPosition function but it doesn't move already emitted particles. With this method, projectiles or other moving effects can be moved continuously over long distances without having to deal with existing emitted particles being moved around too. Vector and noise fields still move with the pivot as usual
  • setLineLocal: This sets the end positions of a line/beam emitter without repositioning the effect's global position
  • The functions now correctly check if the ID given to them is invalid. So if you haven't checked if an ID reports back as false then this is all handled for you
  • The init function will check if you forgot to copy the necessary particle geometry files to the effects folder and returns a false -1 error message if it's the case
  • An inaccuracy bug in the reflections has been fixed
  • Hybernation kicking in one tick too soon for effects with very short particle lifetimes has been fixed
  • There's a totally new demo file, with a small scene that shows some of the new features like pivot positioning for projectiles and moving a laser beam without moving it's particles. Here's a video of it in action:

The update is now available to owners of the Particle Editor. Just download the latest version if you purchased direct from TheGameCreators. Steam users just need to update to the latest version of AppGameKit Studio for their build.