After many grueling months of development, we're pleased to announce the release of V1.14 and the new Easy Building Editor (EBE) system, together with a host of visual improvements to your favorite game maker.

With the new 'mini-modeler' built right into the editor, you can now create your own unique structures and buildings in minutes, or spend more time and create something epic.

In addition to the building editor, you also get some additional assets to help make your buildings functional such as doors, windows and roof pieces. We have only included a sample for this release and will be adding more assets into this category soon, and you can certainly expect more to pop-up from the community. With the building editor you also get the ability to customize the texture plate you use, and the shapes you construct with, plus the ability to save and share your structures.

Composite Entities

To compliment the building editor, we have also introduced the 'linked entity' system which will allow you to assign an entity to a parent entity, including entities created by the building editor. This allows you to attach door frames, doors and roof pieces to your building and then drag it around as a single entity.  These parent link references are also saved with your level so you can continue editing your buildings as they become more sophisticated.

FXAA and Lens Flare

It's not only the construction functionality that's been given a boost. We are also pleased to announce the update now sports FXAA anti-aliasing and Lens Flare in the post process shaders, giving your game that extra level of polish, in addition to several shader improvements and some shader performance work thanks to a valued community member by the name of Preben, who is also working on a project to take GameGuru levels into our premiere cross-platform programming language AppGameKit.

Over To You

We've already been impressed by what our internal beta testers have created with the Easy Building Editor, and can't wait to see what you come up with over the weeks to come. Expect a few video tutorials focused on this new functionality soon, and a shake-up of the voting board now this mammoth feature is out the door. We do have plans to make small improvements to the building editor as we get feedback on this first version, but for the most part, and perhaps the most exciting news is that work begins next week on the long-awaited A.I improvements which will allow any character to not only chase you but follow you up stairs, onto roofs, over ledges and give as good as they get in a fire-fight. This next update will also feature a host of additional LUA commands to give you maximum control of the game character logic so you can craft your own enemy and ally behaviors.

For now, we hope you enjoy the Easy Building Editor and be sure to check out the forums where you will doubtless find plenty of conversation on the best way to build, and share your shapes and structures with the community: