What began as a simple update with a few well-meaning fixes has turned into something much more substantial with a range of core improvements to GameGuru, a full change log can be found in the official GameGuru forum thread announcing this update.

Performance and Occlusion

Some of the additions you can expect from this update include a performance improvement and smoother in-game movement and rotations, thanks to work done with the internal delta timers.  Occlusion has now been augmented with 'predictive occlusion' which anticipates camera movements and eliminates the pop-effect you might occasionally see when strafing from a covered area, and new entity properties have been added to allow per-entity control of occluders and occludees.

Sky and Shaders

You can now control which shader your in-game sky uses, and the Galaxy Seed sky now uses a new shader which allows you to see the rotating planets and awesome sky in all its glory.  The new default grass setting has been raised from medium to high to give the MMS game a better looking visual for new users.

Zombies and Sounds

New sound effects and zombie behavior script improve the ability to scare your players, and new sound slots for all entities permit much more varied sound effect control within your games, including a new property to control what happens to entity collision when they are turned to ragdolls.

Full Weapon Control

New LUA commands have been added to allow the customization of all weapon attributes from within your scripts, allowing player and weapon progress systems to be developed, so you can now start with a basic gun and add elements to your game to improve them over the course of your game, and in any way you wish.  

Legacy Terrain Generator

We have restored the random terrain generator to the legacy version that was popular prior to the C++ conversion work on the engine, so you can once more have your valleys and hills, with an improved range of the hills for even grander landscapes.

Per Entity Specular

A much-requested feature was the per-entity control of specular terms, which you can use to control the specular reflection of light on entities, with the added functionality of being able to take the modulation above 100 percent and below 0, creating some very dramatic effects if required such as super shiny surfaces to simulate metals.

In addition to the above, many small and large fixes ensure the engine continues to improve with every update, and a glowing nod from our internal beta testers means we think you will enjoy this monster update and give you a faster and better experience running up to Christmas.  Thanks for your patience for those who are waiting for the imminent Easy Building Editor, which is nearing completion and will be part of the V1.14 update coming to a GameGuru near you!