Progress is going well on the graphics engine overhaul with the completion of DirectX 11 support and the continuation of the refinement work on the set of PBR shaders that will lift the visual quality of your future GameGuru projects. The internal beta testing team are now starting on the final stretch of stability and performance testing to ensure the update you are eagerly waiting is solid, ensuring that your existing projects will continue to work and for those who want to venture into the world of PBR can do so with the right access to PBR art and tools.

As part of our work on the engine and technical aspects, we have also overhauled one of the sample levels to give you an idea what new PBR assets can do for your game visuals, and how they might look when pulled into a small demo level.  The main difference between the 6GB+ of classic media currently available in GameGuru and the new selection of PBR assets is that the later separates lighting information from the texture image and hands that responsibility over to the shader. The new assets have additional texture images for glossiness, metalness, ambient occlusion, detail maps plus an internally generated environment map for indirect lighting contributions.

It's not all visual work however, as the update will also contain many performance and stability improvements, plus a good spread of core fixes and tweaks as requested from the community since the last update.  Watch this space for more announcements on the update, and remember you can keep up to date with the development at the usual blog location here:

If you have yet to take the plunge on GameGuru, now is a great time to buy, with promotions on the core product and both Fantasy and Premium bundles which add some cool DLCs to expand on the Gigabytes of game assets you get for free as part of the core product.  Here is a quick link to the main page so you can check them out: