We are pleased to announce the release today of an update to the public preview version of GameGuru on Steam. This is a public test of the new DirectX 11 engine and Physically Based Rendering, together with a host of fixes, new assets, and functionality improvements.  As the preview is still in development, it is highly recommended you back up your projects before switching to this test version, and do report any issues you find in the new issues tracker.

You can find this update by opening Steam product properties and selecting Beta tab, then choosing 'PublicPreview'. The update includes fixes from our dev team and also from the community itself. Starting in 2018, we opened up the source code to GitHub so that third parties could contribute to the game engine, and the response has been amazing.

We have:

  • Collectively fixed issues relating to sprite and decal crashing
  • Added new error messaging in the log file
  • Changed some shaders to use ANISOTROPIC filtering to prevent mipmap problems
  • Fixed the issue of copying over scripts when saving standalone executables
  • Added MP4 and OGV support to the Story Zone marker
  • Added new LUA commands to get more information about entities
  • Added more PBR assets to show off the new rendering technique
  • Added a new document to describe how to convert old FPSC media and added missing DBO files to improve model loading speed.

The best improvement, however, was to the post-processing system which now uses the FXAA-CV-LS technique to improve the final visual quality of your game scenes.

FXAA-CV-LS is a new way to sharpen and pull out all the details from your textures in addition to creating real-time anti-alias of contrasting edges, removing the artifact known as jaggies from your final scene rendering.  This is another step towards our commitment to take the feedback you have provided over the years and make the improvements you want to see.

We plan another public preview in March as we move closer to a final public launch of this major update, and welcome any feedback on this version.  To give us feedback on the update, you can use the Steam discussion board or the GameGuru official forum, or contact us directly via the Q button at https://www.game-guru.com/contact