There's a new FREE TRIAL version of Early Access GameGuru MAX released for Steam users today!

A much requested feature from the GameGuru community has been for a free demo, so users can try it before they buy! And also confirm their system spec meets the minimum requirements to enable them to run GameGuru MAX.

Today we released a demo you can download via Steam!

The FREE TRIAL version includes:

  • Nine demo games for you to play and enjoy
  • Access to all game objects used in the demos
  • A preview of all game objects in full 3D so you get a sense of what you will get in the full version

Save standalone game, model importing, marketplace and saving custom characters have been disabled in the free trial version but are instantly available in the full version. 

For those who have yet to experience GameGuru MAX, we hope you find the free trial a great insight into this brilliant new Early Access game making tool.


Happy game-making!