Todays new build of GameGuru MAX has some cool new features and we've released a brand new Game Kit! 

Alongside today's new build of GameGuru MAX we've launched a fantastic new Aztec Game Kit. It has over 270 high quality game-ready assets with which you can make your own Aztec game! It has characters, buildings, switches, doors, items, sounds, music and much more!

To give you a taste of the quality and the new melee gameplay we've added a free teaser map and some of the assets into the core of GameGuru MAX!

The Aztec Game Kit is discounted by 15% during it's first week launch, so grab it now if you like what you see!


Player Swimming

  • The player swimming has been improved with realistic sound effects when walking and running in water, swimming across the surface and for when the player dives into the depths of the water
  • Added a new Swim speed slider to the Player Start Marker Settings
  • As part of the update to the swimming system we've added new Lua commands Start/StopAmbientMusicTrack - these operate on the previously loaded ambient tracks
  • Added a new LUA command to check if water is enabled

New Behaviors

In the Behaviour library there are some new choices that offer these game making features:

  • Hostage rescue - when a character has this behavior they will crouch down with their hands tied behind their back. The player can rescue them by walking up close to them to free them
  • A new Melee combat behavior has been added too - this provides enhanced melee combat options for both the Player and the AI enemies
  • As part of the Melee behavior, players can sneak up behind enemies and take them down with an instant attack
  • A Play Animation behavior is now available - an imported character with just one animation can play this animation during game play

Combat Music

  • When the player gets into a combat situation it's now possible to have a music track kick in to raise the tension and make the game. The new feature can be found in the Environment Effects in the Music Tracks sub menu



Here's a look at the bug fixes and tweaks that have gone into this new build of GameGuru MAX:

Level Editor

  • Blocked nav mesh now hides the affected polygons
  • Fix to smooth out smart object positioning when height of placement changed
  • Fix for duplicated particles not appearing in editor or in-game


  • Fix for previous positions of entities moved by a single sculpt being stored across multiple undo events
  • Fixed: CTRL+Z doesn't always undo

Rendering System

  • Restored the bullet hole system and fixed a bug that caused a bad grey polygon corruption


  • New right click for melee attack mode added
  • Fixed an issue with new sounds being triggered by old ammo and bullet wizz code
  • Added slight delay before red dot appears on weapons
  • Fix for ammo quantity specified in behavior section not matching the amount that gets collected when picked up


  • Fixed the importer save-path text box does not expanding with the window
  • Blocked nav mesh now hides the affected polygons
  • Fixed the visual settings from being lost when leaving the importer
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong tree could be placed
  • Fixed issue of neck looking up and down even though character cannot see player
  • Added new variable type for Dynamic Lua to directly alter corresponding eleprof variable

Don't forget we're running our Real World Game Level competition with cash prizes!

There's just one week to go! Read the detail HERE