Calling all GameGuru MAX users - make a demo level using real world height map data and enter it into our Real World Game Level Competition!

By using the Terrain Editor height map import feature you can bring in real world height map data on which to base your game level's design.

A Grand Canyon Adventure

To show what's possible with this awesome GameGuru MAX feature we brought in 'Ghost lol' from our great community to make us a demo level. His game uses height map data from the actual Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA!

He also created a cool intro video and used extra free-to-use assets from the SketchFab website to make the level standout - check out the gameplay video

If you're new to the height map feature then watch this short video that explains how it works


There's $500 in cash prizes up for grabs!

Competition Rules

  • Game must be a single level game made in GameGuru MAX 
  • Entries must be submitted by 27 May 2022 @ 11:59 UTC
  • Game to use stock media from GameGuru MAX - if third party assets are used they MUST be free to use
  • All winning entries will be added to the Demo Games that come with GameGuru MAX


  • TGC will judge the entries and their decision will be final
  • Recognisable and famous world locations will score better than unknown locations
  • Only one competition entry per person
  • Late entries will not be considered

Follow the competition forum HERE or join the Discord discussion HERE

Good luck!