It's been over a month since the last progress update post on the current graphics overhaul under development, and the good news is that almost all legacy functionality has been restored to the engine, now running natively under DirectX 11. We took the decision to ensure backward compatibility on the visual look so that user projects in progress will not be adversely affected, except for the silent benefits of faster rendering and quicker load times for the editor and final standalone games.

The work has now begun on the second stage of the update which will introduce better FBX importing and support for PBR rendering for those users who want to take advantage of the latest technology to improve the visuals of their game. The FBX support will give you the ability to import from a wider range of art available from prominent Asset Stores, including AAA level assets if you are aiming for greater in-game realism.  We look forward to bringing you some early screenshots of this work in the coming weeks and starting the internal beta tests which will ensure the next update looks good and runs fast.