In previous GameGuru Fantasy Pack DLC updates, we brought you new magic staffs, weapons, headgear, and a golden imp to help you on your adventures. We felt you might need some more assistance for your next quest, so have added a Knight Ally to help you defeat larger foes.

Back in the main engine, we working on multiple fronts, including our forthcoming GLTF support, improved AI and improvements to FBX importing, which will allow up to 170 bone character models, making extra room for detailed finger and facial animations.  As Fantasy games are very much about the story, we wanted to make sure the engine was capable of expressing the emotions of your game characters and create more realistic conversations.  More on this for the next core update.

If you don't yet have the GameGuru Fantasy Pack DLC, we are currently running a promotion on Steam with a great discount, so there is no better time to add new characters, buildings, and weapons to your fantasy game making collection: