We've just released our final quarterly update for 2021 and continue our pledge of keeping GameGuru Classic bug-free. We once again assaulted the issues board on GitHub, took every report made since the last fixes update, and hacked away at them for you.

In addition to providing answers in the issues board, here is a run-down of the ones we slew:

  • Setting "allowfragmentation = 2" in SETUP.INI now sets g_PlayerGunCount to 0
  • Rocketman no longer shoots two rockets at the same time
  • Fixed Allied Knight animation issue
  • Specular maps now work with the terrain textures
  • Third-person players can now pick up ammo

We remain constantly vigilant, so if you do find an issue that you would like to see fixed in the next update please do post it on our issues board here: https://github.com/TheGameCreators/GameGuruRepo/issues

If you ever wondered what happened to all the new features we used to constantly add to Classic, you will find our efforts directed towards the successor to GameGuru Classic called GameGuru MAX. Find out more from our regular live broadcasts which you can watch every Wednesday at 4 PM GMT on our YouTube channel: GameGuru MAX YouTube Channel

Rest assured we are committed to developing GameGuru Classic and GameGuru MAX side by side and we will ensure that for as long as there is a GameGuru Classic community we will keep the updates coming :-)