The Cemetery Pack! Do you want to add a spooky graveyard setting to your latest GameGuru project? Look no further than this excellent pack of cemetery game assets. There's over 60 quality, game ready entities, from wooden coffins to large and imposing mausoleums.

The pack contains:

2 x Cemetery Benches
5 x assorted Candle sets
2 x Cemetery Gates
1 x Cemetery Fence
1 X Cemetery Wall

4 x Cemetery Gateways
1 x Eagle Gateway feature
1 x Cemetery Wall Pillar
1 x Cemetery Steps

5 x Coffins
1 x Coffin Lid
3 x Fountains
2 x Grave Piles

1 x Large Grave Site
3 x Graves
13 x Head Stones Stones

2 x Lamp posts
4 x Mausoleums
2 x Storage Sheds
1 x Shed Door
9 x Statues