Christmas comes early! We're giving you a FREE AppGameKit Plugin that adds a bunch of serial commands AND we've also released an update to the AppGameKit Shader Pack.

FREE AppGameKit Serial Plug-in

Developed in conjunction with Equinity Technoloy Limited we are pleased to announce a FREE serial plug-in for AppGameKit Classic and Studio. The team at Equinity Technology use it to send data between their horse data tracking device and their desktop devices. You can download it now and start using it immediately - grab your copy HERE.

The plugin can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The commands in the plugin are:

  • numPorts = EnumerateSerialPorts()
  • String = GetSerialPortName( portID )
  • instanceID = OpenSerialPort( portID, baudrate, stop bits, parity )
  • CloseSerialPort( instanceID )
  • numBytes = GetSerialBytesAvailable( instanceID ) -- number of bytes that can be read without blocking
  • String = ReadSerialData( instanceID, numBytes ) -- Will block until the specified number of bytes are read
  • success = WriteSerialData( instanceID, String, length ) -- length can be -1 to use the string length
  • success = SendSerialFile( instanceID, filename, checksumMode ) -- uses the XMODEM protocol, checksumMode must be 0
  • success = ReceiveSerialFile( instanceID, filename, checksumMode ) -- uses the XMODEM protocol, checksumMode must be 0

We hope this is a useful plugin for many of our community members - enjoy!

AppGameKit Shader Pack Updated!

This great visual effects DLC has been updated! New to this version:

  • Depth textures are at stage two everytime now
  • A new "Snow" shader and a demo of this effect
  • Compatible with AppGameKit Studio and the Vulkan renderer
  • Added Height based Blending to the Terrain Shader
  • Added SP_Ocean_SetWaveVertexSpeed command to the Ocean shader
  • Fixed SeeThrough shader lagging behind
  • Added SP_Wireframe_SetSmoothness(ObjectID,Smoothness#) and SP_Wireframe_SetThikness(ObjectID,Thikness#)
  • And some other minor fixes

Thanks to Janbo for his continual development of this DLC. The visual results have taken on a new quality.

Existing users can download from TGC or update via Steam and if you don't already own the Shader Pack here's a Christmas discount offer to use by the end of this weekend. Click HERE to save 50% on AppGameKit Shader Pack