For GameGuru users waiting in anticipation of the next major update, we have a small treat for those who own the Fantasy DLC pack.  In keeping with the spirit of community lead development, we have taken a hint from the current voting board and recent forum conversations to introduce a friend to our intrepid wizard adventure. It takes the form of a cheeky golden imp who will be happy to join you in your adventures through the Fantasy Pack, and faithfully attack anyone who looks at the player in the wrong way.

The scampering ally will walk behind you, or run to keep up if you decide to go for a jog, inspect his claws from time to time, and when an enemy gets within range, he will charge off to claw any foe in the player's path.  As this is fantasy, our magic imp has the convenient ability to avoid detection by enemies, making him the perfect stealth unit, though he is prone to direct player attack and area damage, so remember to keep him safe and be careful where you shoot your fireballs!