The Game Creators today released the AppGameKit VR DLC which adds powerful and easy to use VR commands to the core AppGameKit Script language.

With AppGameKit VR and just a few commands, game makers can start to develop their own VR experiences, from detecting the head mounted displays to registering touch events from the touch controllers. With commands that can report back every position and angle of the VR hardware, users can create standing and seated VR experiences with relative ease.

Rick Vanner, Development Director at The Game Creators, said, "This is where coding dreams can now become reality! There are over 60 VR commands provided and we've created some great 'getting started in VR' demos to show you how to get up and running with your own creations.

"With this new DLC we're hoping hobbyist and indie developers will now be empowered to quickly create interesting and fun VR experiences."

Users must already own AppGameKit and either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift hardware to use this DLC.