The AppGameKit Visual Editor has today received a big update with new features, fixes and tweaks. You can read the full list of improvements here;


  • Colour key frames, scale key frames and forces can be edited for particles.
  • Particles can now be scaled using the gripper on the bottom right of the selection box.
  • Particles now support cut, copy, paste, duplicate, lock/unlock and send to back/front etc.
  • Added enable / disable particles option to the Scene menu.

New controls let you set key frames for particle colour, scale and force values.

Virtual Buttons

  • Virtual buttons now support cut, copy, paste, duplicate and lock/unlock.
  • Can now set dynamic res. on/off for Virtual Buttons.


  • Several new properties are available for sprites such as damping, mass and restitution.

Main Interface

  • Resolution drop-down menu now lists some example devices for the resolution. This is also mirrored in the resolution settings dialog.
  • Any media that cannot be loaded will be replaced with a red cross image.
  • The status bar will show if you are in a non base resolution, letting you know that editing is limited.
  • User guide has been updated.
  • Updated the example projects.


  • Export data file option added to the File menu. Useful if you want to save a copy of the project data to another location.
  • Tier 2 project has been added to the projects folder. This code can be used to load and work with Visual Editor projects in Tier 2. 

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fix for editing size and scale properties children.
  • Fixed a crash on saving relating to missing images.
  • Fixed a crash in cut and paste.
  • Fixed a crash relating to animation data and invalid images being used.
  • Fixed a problem with scene colours not being applied correctly.
  • Extra error checking has been added for file access. In the event the editor cannot access files (possibly due to permissions) then an error message will be displayed and the editor will close.
  • A large number of properties were not copied when pasting or duplicating sprites. This has been corrected.
  • Copying an entity, then deleting it and pasting would cause a crash. This no longer happens, although you will be unable to paste an entity when deleting the source. This will be fixed in a future version.
  • Fixed a resource problem when opening projects multiple times.
  • Fixed an incorrect path for the Example Projects on Windows.
  • When pasting entities you previously needed to release the control key to paste again. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a problem when dragging particles & virtual buttons in from the Scene tab.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging over unrecognised files from the Media tab.
  • Cutting an entity and then immediately dragging over an entity from the Scene tab resulted in the cut entity being shown. This has been fixed.
  • Keyboard focus could have been lost when dragging entities over from the Scene and Media tab, resulting in needing to click on the main editing area to return focus. This has been fixed.

Existing owners of the Visual Editor get all these features for FREE and can expect more updates from the team in future.