We have a special treat for Windows users with an update to the AppGameKit Visual Editor which focuses on a number of fixes related to stability issues that some Windows OS users were having. 

Rather than charge ahead with new features, it made more sense to perfect what we have! Here's a list of the tweaks we have made:

  • Fixed a crash where the icons in the media list may have been resized incorrectly
  • Raw paths have been corrected when loading images to avoid potential crashes
  • Added extra check for images that have been removed from the project upon loading
  • Animated images now check for the existence of the host image
  • Fixed a bug where custom strings would not display properly in the editor
  • Turning off dynamic resolution for text would result in the position and size not being saved (this has been fixed) 
These changes will help to ensure the Visual Editor is more stable and allow you to continue using the Visual Editor as an integral part of your app development process. We hope you are enjoying the module, and if you have not yet checked it out you can find more details from the link below.