From this point forward we're using a new versioning number system for AppGameKit based on the date of release - so this one is called Build 2017.01.09

This maintenace build brings you these vital fixes and additions. Thanks for the feedback which helped us stabalise AppGameKit.

First here are some extra commands;

  • Added a new "GetImageMemoryUsage" command to return the amount of GPU memory currently being used to store images
  • Added "SetPrintFont" to use fonts loaded with LoadFont with the Print command
  • Added "SetEditBoxFont" to use fonts loaded with LoadFont with edit boxes

The fixes and tweaks are;

  • Fixed LoadFont failing in exported Android apps
  • Fixed FindStringCount causing an infinite loop if the second parameter was an empty string
  • Fixed Android export not working when a Firebase config file is used
  • Fixed Unicode characters in file paths not working properly on Windows
  • Fixed local arrays in functions not setting their default value if given
  • Fixed GameCenter commands sometimes failing to login on Android
  • Fixed TrueType fonts becoming corrupt when the app is minimised on some Android devices
  • Fixed SetWindowSize with the fullscreen parameter set to 1 on Windows not creating a proper fullscreen window
  • SetWindowSize with the fullscreen parameter set to 1 now works on Linux
  • Fixed SetObjectMeshFromMemblock sometimes corrupting the vertices of another object
  • Fixed a crash when trying to export an APK in the Mac version
  • Fixed GetFacebookFriends on iOS appending to the friends list each time it was called instead of clearing the list first

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Help, Tutorials and Examples
We'll be improving all these areas of AppGameKit over the coming weeks and months. We aim guide new users into AppGameKit with a host of new educational materials, so watch out for these as they come online.

Shoot some ducks! 

If you've got some spare time and want to play a quick casual game made in AppGameKit by UzmaDesign Studio. We've played it here at TGC and once held the number one spot in the leaderboard. How well will you do?

We recommend you play his latest game Aaargh! Ducks! for Android. You can download it here;

If you've made a game with AppGameKit then please share it with the community by posting about it in the AppGameKit Showcase forum here;