We're proud to announce a new and free upgrade to App Game Kit, bringing you many fixes, tweaks and some cool new features.

Here's a complete run down of what's new in AppGameKit V2.0.21


  • Fixed SetVideoVolume causing a crash on Android
  • Added PlayVideoToImage command to play videos on to an image instead of displaying them on screen on iOS, Android, and Windows


  • Added SetDeviceCameraToImage to display the device camera onto an image, works on iOS, Windows, and Android 4.0.3 and above
  • Added GetNumDeviceCameras to return the number of cameras available on the device
  • Added GetDeviceCameraType to check whether a camera is front or back facing


  • Fixed CreateObjectFromObjectMesh causing a crash if the mesh uses bones
  • Fixed LoadObject and LoadObjectWithChildren failing to load after about 600 objects had been loaded
  • Fixed SetObjectScalePermanent causing the object to be incorrectly culled from view if it used bones and was made bigger
  • Changed ObjectRayCast to check the bone bounding boxes instead of the mesh on animated objects, it won't be 100% accurate compared to the mesh but it will take animations into account


  • Fixed SaveImage not creating any missing folders in the save path
  • Fixed GetImage only working on Windows
  • Improved the resizing performance of LoadImageResized by using the GPU to do the scaling
  • Removed the caching ability of LoadImageResized as it is no longer beneficial due to the better resizing performance
  • Fixed GetCapturedImage not returning a valid image on Android
  • Fixed frame buffer warning on Mac if SetRenderToImage is used without a colour image

In App Purchasing

  • Added Amazon IAP support to the IAP commands
  • Fixed GetInAppPurchaseLocalPrice() returning the incorrect price for the given index on iOS


  • Added StringToBase64 and HexToBase64 commands to convert strings to Base64


  • Fixed SetHTTPHost username and password not being set correctly on Windows, Mac, and iOS


  • Fixed Broadcaster sometimes failing to send large projects to a device


  • Removed lower limit of 0.1 on SetParticlesFrequency, 0 can now be used to pause particle emission whilst allowing existing particles to continue


  • Fixed UpdateTweenText, UpdateTweenChar, UpdateTweenObject, and UpdateTweenCamera not doing anything


  • Fixed ViewFile, ShareText, and ShareImage causing a crash when exporting for Amazon or Ouya
  • Fixed ViewFile, ShareText, and ShareImage causing a crash when used in Tier 2 on Android

Sound & Music

  • Added SetMusicSystemVolumeOGG to control global volume for OGG music files
  • Fixed StopSound(0) not resetting all the instance counts for GetSoundsPlaying and GetSoundInstances
  • Fixed OGG music not resuming on iOS after the app has been in the background
  • Fixed PlayMusicOGG failing to loop in some cases
  • Fixed GetSoundInstancePlaying taking up to a second to register the end of a sound instance on Android
  • Made Android pad any sounds that are shorter than 175ms with silence as they wouldn't play on some devices if they were shorter than this

Shared Variables

  • Added an error message if SaveSharedVariable is used with a variable name that is too long on iOS
  • Fixed Android shared variables not working across multiple apps
  • Note that this version will not be able to access shared variables saved with a previous version on both Android and iOS
  • Removed the requirement to set the SharedUserID on Android for shared variables

Android Platform

  • Added SetImmersiveMode command to hide the navigation bar on Android 4.4 and above
  • Fixed some Android devices not registering touch move events
  • Amazon and Ouya exports now have a minimum Android version of 4.0.3 to match their devices, Google export remains at 2.3.3
  • Added quotes around the keystore and alias passwords when signing APKs so that special characters don't cause an error
  • SetRawWritePath now works on Android, allowing you to set the write path to the public sdcard folder
  • Changed GetDocumentsPath on Android to return the path to the public sdcard folder (which usually isn't an actual sdcard)


  • Fixed DrawBox freezing the app on Windows if the window is minimized

Local & Push Notifications

  • Fixed local and push notification icons appearing as a white square when targeting above API 19 on Android
  • Added notification icon field to APK export dialog to chose your own notification icon

iOS Platform

  • Fixed iOS alarms and phone calls preventing the app from playing sounds and OGG music when it resumes

Linux Platform

  • Fixed Linux IDE not being able to open the PDF DLCs from the menu
  • Removed PlayMusic on Linux to support a wider number of releases. Use PlayMusicOGG instead


  • Updated Chartboost SDK on Android to 6.4.2
  • Updated Chartboost SDK on iOS to 6.4.7

QR Codes

  • Fixed EncodeQRCode not producing the correct QR image
  • Fixed DecodeQRCode not returning the correct text for a QR image


  • Added an extract from the Tutorial Guide to the help files
  • Updated the developer tips section of the help files for the latest changes

We hope you find this new update useful and if you have any feedback then please post in the online forums.

The AppGameKit Team