Today we've released a new version of AppGameKit with a range of new commands and fixes.

The full details of what's new in this version are listed here:


  • Added GetCharBuffer and GetCharBufferLength to return any text entered on physical keyboards since then command was last called
  • Add GetRawJoystickSlider and GetRawJoystickPOV to support additional features on joysticks
  • Increased the number of joystick buttons to 64
  • Added support for more keyboard keys on Windows and Linux, including left/right shift/ctrl/alt keys and distinguishing between numpad and top row number keys
  • Updated the scan code list at for the new list of keys

Edit Boxes

  • Fixed edit boxes flickering if the edit box width was less than the width of two characters


  • Added CopyNetworkMessage command to copy a network message so that it can be resent
  • Changed GetInternetState on iOS to better detect the lack of network connectivity


  • Fixed audio failing to play on some iOS devices after sleeping the device with a magnetic cover
  • Fixed sounds on iOS sometimes failing to play if the app is sent to the background and then resumed


  • Fixed some 3DS models failing to load on ARM devices

Push Notifications

  • Fixed GetPushNotificationToken sometimes returning an empty string on Android, you will now need to call SetPushNotificationKeys for it to work

File I/O

  • Fixed OpenToWrite on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file


  • Fixed GetHTTPFile on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file
  • Fixed GetHTTPFile failing to save the file if SetFolder is used whilst it is running


  • Fixed installing new versions of AGK over old versions on Windows causing APK export errors
  • Fixed APK export sometimes not parsing the Firebase JSON file correct


  • Fixed GetDeviceID on Android sometimes returning an empty string

Deep Linking

  • Added the option to add a URL scheme during Android and iOS export, so that the exported app can be opened by a browser link
  • Added GetURLSchemeText to return the URL used to open the app on Android and iOS, if any


  • Changed sprite and text scissors to allow one dimension to be 0 in size and still be a valid scissor