In this new version of AppGameKit we have added support for full French, Italian, German and Spanish translations. The main IDE of the editor has been translated by native speaking AppGameKit community members.

New features

  • Added SetRawTouchMoveSensitivity to adjust the distance a touch event has to move before it gets classed as a drag event
  • Added missing dependency to the Tier 2 Google Android project causing it to fail to compile
  • Spriter images can now have their position, angle, scale, and ZOrder animated in addition to bones
  • Added FixSpriteToSkeleton2D to attach a sprite to a skeleton bone and have it move with the skeleton
  • Added Move3DPhysicsCharacterController command that takes an X and Z component for the direction

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed CreateZip creating an invalid zip file on 32-bit Android devices
  • Fixed SetMusicVolumeOGG failing to set the correct volume on 32-bit Android devices
  • Fixed touch coordinates on Windows devices being offset slightly from their actual position
  • On Windows pressing any mouse button will capture the mouse cursor until that button is release, previously only the left button would capture the pointer
  • Fixed spacebar on Raspberry Pi registering as key code 65 instead of 32
  • Tapping near the end of an edit box string which extends beyond the edge of the edit box will now shift the text to make more of it visible
  • Fixed the IDE crashing when loading an existing project if one of the source files is an invalid text file
  • Fixed a shader error message when setting SetObjectLightMode to 0 on an animated object with SetFogMode set to 1
  • Fixed Z order changes in Spriter files causing the animation to become corrupt
  • Fixed incorrect translations in the IDE

Thanks go to all the volunteer translators and to users who sent us feedback on the recent build.