AppGameKit V2018.07.12

This new version of AppGameKit brings you these new features and tweaks:


  • Added AddHTTPHeader and RemoveHTTPHeader commands to add and remove custom headers from HTTP requests
  • Changed the method for Android expansion file downloads to hopefully be more reliable
  • Added GetHTTPStatusCode command to return the response status from the server
  • Fixed HTTP downloads on iOS sometimes showing progress as 0% even when the download is working


  • Updated Google Play Services on Android to version 15.0.0
  • Updated Android to use Firebase Cloud Messaging instead of Google Cloud Messaging (which is being discontinued April 2019)
  • Fixed a freeze on some Android devices when continuously loading and deleting OGG music files
  • Fixed Android Tier 2 template projects causing a crash when sent to the background whilst in landscape on newer versions of Android
  • Fixed a crash when loading .ms3d files on 64-bit versions of Android
  • Fixed GetSpeechNumVoices causing a crash on Android if the speech engine wasn't ready
  • Fixed ViewFile, ShareImage, and ShareTextAndImage not working on Android with the new API 26 target


  • Fixed GetSupportedShaderVaryings returning the incorrect value on desktop platforms
  • Fixed missing help text for CreateObjectFromHeightMap command
  • Fixed projects containing files outside the current project folder sometimes failing to open those files when the project was closed and re-opened
  • Added code to Mac apps to detect window focus lost/gained through GetPaused and GetResumed

The AppGameKit Team!