Today the Games Pack 1 DLC has been updated to include the Community Tutorial Games.

The aim is to create a library of game templates that show you what’s possible to create with AppGameKit and by studying the source code you can learn how these games were made.

Each game has comments in the source code written by the developers and in many cases they will encourage you to try editing variables so you can see how these changes affect the games.

You can also download the games from this FREE link.

The demo games include;

  • Angry Blocks by Easter Bunny, a physics Angry Birds style game
  • Attack of the Crows by GarBenjamin, a retro style shooter
  • Brick Breaker by Mobiius, a retro brick breaker
  • BulletHell by Lucas Tiridath, a retro space shooter
  • Christmas Command 2016, by GarBenjamin, a retro missile command style
  • Cube, by Qugurun, a endless geometry runner style
  • GunRun, by baxslash, a pacman maze demo
  • Endless tunnel by 29 games, a 3D endless runner game
  • Hill Racer by Janbo, a physics bike driving demo
  • My City by Blendman, a Management Sim Style
  • Smash It by Cjb, a 3D Shooter
  • Platformer - SpecTre, a simple platformer demo
  • Floppy Bird by Scraggle, a endless Flappy Bird Style
  • Invaders – Scraggle, a classic Invaders Demo
  • PingPong by MadBit, a retro Pong
  • Jetpack – BatVink, a jetpack joyride style demo

For more information view this PDF.