AppGameKit Studio pre-orders go live today!  

We’ve re-imagined the game and app development user interface with an all-in-one work space, which means that AppGameKit Studio gives you everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game

Features include:

  • Drag & drop assets to visualise your scenes
  • Code with AppGameKit Script
  • Easily browse app media assets
  • Run live debugging sessions
  • Access online help
  • ......and lots more!

Take a look at our great videos explaining how AppGameKit Studio works and what it can do!

An introduction to AppGameKit Studio sneak peek video 1 

IDE Editor - AppGameKit Studio sneak peek video 2

Asset Browser - AppGameKit Studio sneak peek video 3

Preferences & Sandbox Mode - AppGameKit Studio sneak peek video 4

The Debugger - AppGameKit Studio sneak peek video 5

Order now to save money...

Ordering now gets you in from the very beginning of AppGameKit Studio with full access to alpha versions. Plus our early bird offer means you get the best possible price by pre-ordering now!

The launch price for AppGameKit Studio will be $99 when it goes live in June, but pre-ordering during March for only $49 will save you 50%!

You can pre-order HERE

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