We've just released a maintenance update to AppGameKit Studio! The main changes focus on the IDE, sprite drawing optimisations in Vulkan and numerous updates to the third party SDKs.

Here are all the details of the update:


  • Fixed switch current project selecting wrong tab
  • Fixed help not displaying if Help window isn't visible
  • Fixed + when UNCOMMENTING code replacing Clipboard contents with "//~"?
  • Fixed Scene Editor EditBox using multiple scenes in same file generating compile errors
  • Fixed Android export generating invalid .apk files
  • Fixed IPA export generating invalid .ipa files


  • Fixed PlayVideoToImage and SetDeviceCameraToImage producing a black image on old 32-bit iOS devices
  • Fixed image corruption and quality reduction on iPad Mini 5th Gen and iPad Air 3rd Gen


  • Fixed video duration not resetting to 0 immediately after a LoadVideo call on Android
  • Fixed a crash on Android devices using the Adreno GPU when sending the app to the background

In-App Purchases

  • In app purchases on Android that fail to verify will now be ignored instead of causing an unrecoverable error during IAP setup
  • Added code to allow In App Purchase promotions to be selected in iTunesConnect


  • Fixed local notifications on iOS causing a crash if tapped when the app is not running


  • Fixed a bug causing AGKVR DLC to show a black screen on the headset when using OpenGL with some GPUs

Amazon Adverts

  • Removed Amazon Ads from Google APK export due to policy conflicts

Windows issues

  • Fixed SetSyncRate always using mode 0 on Windows even if mode 1 is set
  • Fixed frame rate not reaching the value requested with SetSyncRate on the latest version of Windows 10


  • Fixed DrawEllipse drawing small ellipses incorrectly


  • Increased the number of simultaneous HTTP connections on Windows from 2 to 8

Third part SDK support

  • Updated Firebase SDK to version 18.0.0 on Android
  • Updated Chartboost SDK to version 8.1.0 on Android
  • Updated AdMob SDK to version 19.5.0 on Android
  • Removed Amazon Ads from the Google version of the Android player due to conflicts with Google's ad policy

Tier 2

  • Updated Android Tier 2 projects for Android Studio 4.1


  • Improved performance on Vulkan when using DrawSprite() to draw a sprite multiple times per frame

Performance improvements

  • Fixed performance degradation when broadcasting an app multiple times that contains a large number of entities (sprites, objects, text, etc)
  • Fixed performance degradation when using one of the DeleteAll commands and then creating a large number of entities (sprites, objects, text, etc)


  • Fixed a crash when using GetAppInstalled()
  • Fixed a memory leak when creating and deleting objects from height maps
  • Fixed ShareFile and ShareImage on Android 10 and higher
  • Fixed SaveSharedVariable commands for Android 10 but they will no longer work on Android 11 or higher due to file system restrictions
  • Writing to raw: file paths outside the app write folder will not work on Android 11 or higher due to file system restrictions
  • Fixed screen recording on Android 10 and above

As usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Studio will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website