Today we are releasing a new version of AppGameKit Studio with lots of fixes and improvements to the main editor!

Here are the details of this new build:


  • Added - bookmarks work across all files of a project
  • Added - Bracket highlighting - if you click next to one it will now highlight the partner bracket
  • Added - "Clear all boookmarks" now works on all project files
  • Added - IDE window now regains the focus after running an app
  • Added - Improve navigation of the help (when you come back out it didn't remember your scroll position)
  • Fixed - Sometimes Ctrl+tab failed to switch tabs
  • Fixed - New projects are now shown in the recent projects menu
  • Fixed - bug when toggle bookmark was used, bookmarks could move position
  • Fixed - Search and replace issue. If you searched for ")" it would causes multiple weird changes
  • Fixed - Search and replace # with nothing crashed the editor
  • Fixed - Code folding issue to do with colon characters
  • Fixed - Keyboard navigation improved. Ctrl+End / Ctrl+Shift+End behaviour fixed and other highlighting behaviours fine tuned.
  • Fixed - If line numbers are off, break points overlap folding icons


  • Added - Debugger now has a flag to turn on and off break points without having to remove them.

Asset Browser

  • Fixed - Dragging and dropping a folder disappears from the asset browser Bookmarks have been moved from the same position as breakpoints (a bit larger), so they dont overlap code folding symbols


  • Fixed - Exporting to iOS does not compile the latest script
  • Fixed - Exporting an APK on Android can cause the IDE to lock up. This can happen frequently.

2D Sprites & Spriter support

  • Added SetSpriteBlendModes to set the blend modes manually when using transparency mode 3
  • Fixed SetSpriteScissor causing the sprite to not draw if the scissor values were greater than the virtual resolution
  • Spriter image pivots can now be animated
  • Spriter animations now support negative scales
  • Spriter files no longer need to have the same bone structure across all their animations
  • Numerous other small fixes to improve Spriter support
  • Fixed a crash when running a Spriter animation that had a different number of keyframes per varying value


  • Fixed SetObjectMeshImage failing to remove the image if the image ID is set to 0


  • Calling the Mod command with a divisor of 0 will now return 0


  • Added missing libMoltenVKiOS.a and libMoltenVKMac.a to Mac Tier 2 files
  • Fixed auto-generated tangents being incorrect on triangles with a normal equal to -1 in the Y direction


  • Fixed occasional glitches in iOS apps when using MoltenVK
  • Fixed apps being rejected by Apple due to a newly deprecated API


  • Updated Snapchat SDK on Android to version 1.4.4
  • Updated Firebase SDK on Android to version 17.4.4