Two new projects with full source code have been added to AppGameKit Games Pack 2.


This is a remake of the classic retro game Frogger. By studying the source code files you can learn how this old time favourite has been recreated using AppGameKit.

Particle Editor

This time we're able to bring you something cool and different. AppGameKit features many particle effect commands but it can be difficult to visualise how the commands can be used to create certain effects. This project solves that problem by letting you set values for all the key commands and seeing the results instantly on screen. It even creates the final Tier1 source code for you to use in your projects!

Owners of AppGameKit Game Pack 2 can download these new projects right now. If you don't already own the pack it's currently on offer so it's a great time to grab a bargain and add a bunch of projects to your source code library.