Two new projects from community user fubarpk with full source code have been added to AppGameKit Games Pack 1.

Block Lifter 3

The idea of the game is to collect blocks and get them home to a helipad avoiding and shooting at turrets before they shoot you. Your hull can hold a maximum of 12 blocks and the helipad is a safe place. Collect fuel on the way or you will run out, extra lives may also be collected.


Setting off on a Journey to rescue prisoners held captive by an evil bad guy. You work your way through a Pixelated Labrynth maze, collecting coins health packs and rescuing prisoners on your journey while opening any gates you come across. The Evil Bad guy notices someone has entered the labrynth, and by tracing your steps he works his way towards you. Looking for the exit you attempt to make it out with the coins you have collected and the prisoners you have set free

Owners of AppGameKit Game Pack 1 can download these new projects right now. If you don't already own the pack it's currently on offer, so it's a great time to grab a bargain and add a bunch of projects to your source code library.