Users of the converter toolset AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader today receive a new version that adds some basic game play features.

Watch the video to see how GameGuru levels can come to life with these new features:

GameGuru Loader now comes with a simple game play system to give you a quick start on making your next own mobile FPS genre games. Use it as is or expand it to your needs.

  • Enemy Characters can hold and shoot weapons
  • Enemy Characters can fall and die
  • The player can now shoot weapons
  • The player can die when health is depleted
  • Mobile device controls - virtual joystick and fire button
  • Desktop First Person Shooter Mouse controls
  • Enemy shooting decals animations
  • When the player is hit a decal animates
  • Player gun cross-hair added
  • Added sound effects
  • Music for the game is supported
  • Directional HUD damage effect