Today we are releasing a new version of AppGameKit Classic with lots of updates and some new commands!

Here are the details of this all-new build:


  • Fixed SetShadowCascades not applying the given values
  • Added FixCameraToObject command
  • Added GetCameraWorldX/Y/Z commands to get the world coordinates of cameras attached to objects
  • Fixed SetObjectReceiveShadow being set to 0 still overwriting object texture stages with shadow maps

2D Spriter support

  • Fixed a crash when running a Spriter animation that had a different number of keyframes per varying value
  • Spriter image pivots can now be animated
  • Spriter animations now support negative scales
  • Spriter files no longer need to have the same bone structure across all their animations
  • Numerous other small fixes to improve Spriter support


  • Fixed CopyNetworkMessage failing to copy messages that were not fully read
  • Copied network messages can now be read and added to
  • Added AddNetworkMessageBye and GetNetworkMessageByte


  • iOS now defaults to allowing audio from background apps to continue
  • iOS Tier 2 projects have been updated to use launch storyboards instead of images
  • iOS export has been updated to use a launch logo instead of a splash image, the logo will be centered on screen in any orientation
  • Removed Facebook SDK in favour of the ShareText/ShareImage commands
  • Updated AdMob SDK to version 7.58.0 on iOS
  • Updated Chartboost SDK to version 8.1.0 on iOS
  • Updated AmazonAds SDK to version 3.0.0 on iOS
  • Updated Firebase SDK to version 6.22.0 on iOS


  • Updated Android to target API 29 as required by Google
  • Android apps resuming from background will now resume faster


  • Added clipboard support to the Linux version


  • Increase max local notifications to 100
  • Added an error if the Mod command is used with a divisor of 0 to avoid a crash
  • Added SetSoundDeviceMode for iOS to choose between exclusive audio allowing audio from background apps to continue
The AppGameKit Player app on the iOS and Google Play stores is now using the AppGameKit Studio version of the player. This new version is backwards compatible with AppGameKit Classic and we have no plans to introduce any changes that will break this compatibility. However, this does mean that apps broadcast to these players may behave slightly differently to apps which you export from the AppGameKit Classic IDE. Firstly, apps running on the new iOS player will be running on Metal instead of OpenGL ES, so performance may be different between exported and broadcast apps. There may also be differences in app behaviour if one version has bugs that aren't present in the other. 
If you wish to continue broadcasting AppGameKit Classic apps to the AppGameKit Classic player then you will need to side load the AppGameKit Player app from your AppGameKit Classic installation.

We hope your enjoy this new build of AppGameKit Classic!

As usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Classic will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website