A new update for AppGameKit has been released today.

Here's a list of the changes:

  • Fixed some keys not being recognised on Android physical keyboards
  • Fixed SetMemblockByteSigned incorrectly truncating values to the range -127 to 128 instead of -128 to 127
  • Fixed GetSpriteHitTest and GetSpriteHit not reporting the correct values when SetViewOffset is used
  • Added old Android versions to the APK export dialog
  • HTML5 apps can now use SaveSharedVariable and LoadSharedVariable to store persistent data in cookies
  • Mac version of the IDE is now signed and can access the Documents folder on 10.15 (if allowed)
  • Fixed many help file spelling mistakes
  • Fixed iOS export failing during submission to Apple
  • Mac apps now use a write path based on the .app filename instead of a generic name shared by all apps
  • Using SetObjectShader(ID,0) on a quad will now return it to the default quad shader
  • Added array.length to the valid list of debug variables
  • Debug call stack will now point to the line a function was called rather than the start of the function
  • Fixed SetRawMousePosition on Mac not immediately setting the new mouse position
  • Fixed Google Play Games achievements not displaying a popup when you unlock an achievement

As usual, Steam owners of AppGameKit Classic will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website

A new version of AppGameKit Studio is now being prepared and will be released in a few days time.