We hope you are enjoying the start of the new year and coding some exciting new projects. To help you get ahead we have a brand new build of AppGameKit available. It's a small maintenance build with some important updates:

  • We've updated ARCore on Android which will provide support for more devices
  • We have fixed escaped JSON strings sometimes causing incorrect strings in AppGameKit
  • ShowImageCaptureScreen is improved to stop it crashing on some Android devices
  • Stopped the GetTweenPlaying command continuing to return 1 for the last tween in a tween chain after the chain has finished playing
  • Fixed GetMaxDeviceWidth/Height returning incorrect values on retina displays
  • Mac fullscreen window no longer reveals the window title bar when the mouse cursor goes to the top of the screen
  • Fixed the ShareText/ShareImage commands not showing the option to choose an app if a default app was chosen previously
  • Added UDP commands for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Added a UDP example project to the networking folder
  • Updated iOS export to use the iOS 12.1 SDK

Owners of AppGameKit can download the new install files from our servers right now and Steam users should have an update waiting for them.


TheAppGameKit Team