System Requirements

The following are the System Requirements for running all versions of DarkBASIC:

System Requirements
300 MHz Pentium II Processor
Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP (Home / Pro)
60 MB of hard disk space
64 MB of Ram
DirectX Version 8.1+
Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 8 MB Memory or more
Direct X compatible Sound Card
4x Speed CD-Rom Drive
Windows XP Users are advised to download our free 1.13 Upgrade
Apple and Linux Based Machines

We are sorry but DarkBASIC was developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows based PCs and will not run on any variety of Apple hardware or on Linux even under PC emulation.

Playstation, PS2, X-Box, GameCube

Your DarkBASIC programs will not work on any games console and they cannot be converted to do so.